The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions, organized into 4 sections for your convenience.

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Our SEO Link Building Service

About Our Service:

What exactly am I getting?

You get a powerful, manually created, backlink placed within a unique and engaging article of 1200 words or more. This article is hand written by SEO copywriters specifically for the anchor text you submit.

The article is then uploaded by our in-house SEO team, as an individual page to one of our own highly optimized websites, which is niche appropriate to your market. Outgoing authority links are created, and is dutifully maintained by real people. This page is reserved for you, All SEO value from the page will be targeted to your URL. This page is reserved exclusively for you.

Once your page is live, we send you a link and then share it across our social media platforms

Every 6 months your page is revisited and updated, keeping it fresh for the search engines. Extra links are built, maintaining, and increasing the value of your backlink.

We only provide backlinks for our own niche appropriate, ethical websites. So you can be assured your link will only ever be placed within an valuable environment.

Our network comprises of real websites that we have created ourselves and are dutifully maintained by real people.

Who are SEO Quality Backlinks?

We are active web developers who specialize in Search Engine Optimization, both on-site and off-site. With over 15 years professional experience, excellent proven result, an honest reputation and awards in our field – Our service is second to none!

Read more about us on the Team Leaders page.

Why Choose SEO Quality Backlinks?

Our links are very powerful and a wonderful addition to your SEO campaign.

We created this service initially for our own web development clients, because we could not find anywhere to place backlinks that we deemed worthy. Through popular demand we created SEO quality Backlinks as an entity of its own. This is a genuine and honest service, and we have an impeccable reputation within the world of web tech.

Another reason to add our backlinks to your portfolio is that a varied backlink profile is good SEO practice. So we do advise you to diversify and have links placed through other reputable sources too.

You can read more in our Blog about the Power of Link Diversity

Is my link permanent?

Yes your link is permanent, and it will remain on our network, working hard on your rankings, as long as you keep your subscription active.

What do you do to revitalise my link every 6 months ?

Every 6 months we revisit and update the page with your link, and hand written article. We add more relevant text, and build extra links to the page. This keeps it fresh in the search engines index, and increases the SEO value of your backlink.

In doing this we ensure your backlink is continually working for you, maximizing the return on your investment.

How do you share my page over social media platforms ?

The page with your link and article is designed to engage the reader, and encourage traffic. Once it is live in our network we post a link to your page through our various social media accounts. This encourages more traffic and links to your page which in turn increases the SEO power of your backlink.

Do other people get a link from my page?

No. You backlink is for your SEO value only. We do create additional authoritative outgoing links which will boost the SEO value of your link. This is your page and all SEO value from this page will be targeted exclusively to your URL.

What kind of Website do you place my Link on?

The websites that we place links on, have been created by us, specifically for SEO purposes, and they are maintained by our own specialized in-house staff. These sites were born ready to travel naturally, and expertly up the search engines.

Do you place my link on the Home Page?

Yes your link will be active on the homepage. This gives your site an even bigger boost in the search results. After a period of time your link will move naturally off the home page. But, due to the continued expert maintenance and promotion of our websites, and the fact that we revisit and update your page every six months, your link will retain its powerful ranking ability.

When exactly does my link goes live?

You can expect your link to be live within 5 working days of completing your order. We let you know via email the moment the page holding your backlink has been uploaded.

What Can I expect to see once you have placed my link?

You will see improved ranking for the site we have linked to. It can take up to 3 months until you receive the full benefit of the link, however we generally see an increase in ranking after a week or so. Your backlink will then progressively work, pushing your site further up the search engine results continually helping you to maintain a high ranking.

Can you recommend the wording of my anchor text?

We don’t give individual advice on anchor text wording, but because we want you to get the very most out of our service we have written a blog post on this subject for you - Click here to view

Do I need to provide you with content for my link?

No you don’t need to provide any content. All you need to do is enter the URL and the Anchor text in the subscription form when you sign up. Unique, and engaging content is then hand written for you by our SEO copy writers.

You can give specific instruction to our writers if you wish, within the relevant box when you fill in the form.

Do I need an article?

Yes you do ! The most powerful links are those within a body of text which is directly relevant to the website it is linking to. These are called contextual links.

Our copywriters are experienced and well seasoned in SEO copy. They will create an interesting and natural article of over 1200 words in length, uniquely for your submitted anchor text.

This is key to a quality backlink, and although there is an small additional cost for the article ($49), it is a one off payment, and very reasonably priced!

Can I provide you with the content for my link?

We prefer to create the article ourselves. We are experienced in SEO copy, and article creation, and we can assure you, your article will be unique and specifically written for your anchor text. This way we can guarantee that we maintain a high standard of content and integrity across our network

Do you place my link on a niche specific website?

Yes of course. That is exactly what we do. The websites where we place your link are not only niche specific, they have been created by us and are maintained by our specialized team. This way the quality and integrity of our network is continually preserved. And you in turn gain higher rankings in the search engines!

Why can I only order 1 link at a time?

We offer an exclusive service from our small elite network of websites. We are not “Link Farmers”. The links we create are of the highest standard which gives you the best possible ranking boost.

We are expanding our network, but this must be done in a way that reflects well on the websites we link out to. So, for the moment we can only offer you 1 link.

1 link from us however, is more powerful than hundreds from low quality sources.

Will you send me a link to the website ?

Yes on request, and only once we have posted your link. Simply email us requesting to see where we have placed your backlink and we will happily send you a link to the page we have created for you within our network.

About Buying Links from our network

About our Network:

Is the network of websites fully indexed?

Yes! All our domains are fully indexed, and are regularly crawled by all the search engines, so your link will become active and working hard for you quickly.

Which markets do you provide links for?

Basically, anyone with a website that is relevant to our niche markets.

Are there markets you do not provide links for?

We only provide links to genuine websites that are relevant to the niches we cater for (see above). Each link request is manually approved before the content and link are created.

Your subscription for buying links

Your Subscription and Payment:

How do I pay for my subscription?

PayPal is the easiest solution. The subscription is set up automatically when you check out, and it leaves you in complete control to cancel any time you choose.

How long does my subscription last?

There is no set time for subscriptions. We accept a 3 month payments of $90 each trimester. You are not bound to any type of contract, and you can cancel at any time.

Can I get a Refund?

We do not issue refunds due to the time and care it takes our copywriters to initially create your article, and the ongoing maintenance we carry out on the network.

Why is there a cost for Article Payment?.

The cost for the article covers the writing of a unique article created specifically for your anchor text by an SEO copywriter. The article is over 1200 words in length, and your link is placed in there by an SEO professional. This is a one off payment of $49

How do I cancel my subscription?

Just login to your PayPal account, go to “My preapproved payments”. Here you can cancel any future payments. If you have any problems just email us.