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Is a Backlink ever really FREE?

Good quality backlinks for most people are not easy to acquire, but there are a lot of places around the internet that you can go to get a backlink for free. You can get backlinks from blog commenting, forum posting and perhaps the easiest type of all is a profile link from the likes of But are these links worth any value, and how hard are they to setup.

Profile Links

There are a lot of cheap SEO packages you can buy, that offer to setup an amount of profile links on “web 2.0” sites. These types of backlink are, more or less, worthless these days as the profiles are never used after the initial setup. You can even go and setup these profiles yourself, but if you are not intending to use the profiles on a regular basis then they are not going to give you any SEO value. And the time it takes to set up these links could be better spent doing some other work.

Web 2.0 links for SEO

Forum and blog comments

Forum posting and blog comments can give you a worthwhile backlink, if you are prepared to be active in the forum or blog on a regular basis and post quality content. Then your profile backlink will get indexed along with the content you post. But how much work is involved in doing this on a regular basis, compared to the value of the link? Can your time be better spent doing something else?


When looking to rank high in local search results, it is always advisable to place your business on local directories where you can also get a backlink to your site. These types of links, along with the other details that you submit, eg. your NAP (business Name, Address and Phone number), can be very beneficial.

There are a lot of directories like this where you can submit your business details for free, but please do not use any automated tools for this process as they do not setup things in a natural way.

So yes they are free but it takes time to setup each profile correctly, as each one should have a different bio about your company.

Buying Links

So in reality there is no such thing as a free backlink. That is why companies like us exist, to take the stress and time out of searching for links. We enable you to buy quality backlinks from a place that is 100% honest and safe. We are the professionals at this, so let us take care of building your backlinks.

Whenever you purchase links, always make sure that the people that place your link do so manually. Make sure the websites that are going to link back to you will be of high quality, with not too many outbound links per page. Stay away from all automated solutions, no matter how well they are packaged. Your backlinks need to look natural and be from real websites that are looked after by real people.

So if you do this properly, by having a professional company create your backlinks, you will see definate benefits in your search ranking quite quickly. And, depending on how much competition you have, you may be surprised at how small a quantity of links you need for success.

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