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Buy Backlinks – How to Buy Links for SEO

If you want to rank high in the search engines for your chosen keywords, then creating a positive SEO plan is vital to your success. There are many considerations to take into account, but links back to your own website are still one of the top ranking factors among all the search engines.

First things first!

Before you proceed with link building you will want to make sure your website has been constructed in a search engines friendly way. This involves creating the pages so that they work and appear perfectly across all types of screens and devices. Having a mobile first approach to web design is now a crucial part of search engine optimization. Over 60% of all searches on Google are now made from a mobile device, meaning that if your website does not load fast and be user friendly to your mobile customers, then the likelihood is that they are going to leave your website quickly. This type of behaviour raises a flag with Google that your content was not enjoyed by the user, and so they will be more inclined to show another website to the user next time round. i.e. you will drop in the rankings.

Creating interesting content

When someone visits your website, they will be looking for certain information or products. Showing the user the best information will keep them on your website and bring them back again. This is the type of behaviour Google are looking for in their users, and it is a ranking signal that will push your website up the search listing.

Create Engaging Content for SEO

If you create interesting content on your website on a regular basis, it will attract more unique visitors who will stay on your site and return time after time.

Creating the content can be done via a blog or just normal pages on your site. Make sure you write unique text content and create unique graphics that will interest people and keep them on your website.


When you first launch a website it is difficult to attract many users to your content. Try to promote yourself through social media. Create social media profile with twitter, stumbleUpon, Pinterest etc, and create your own Facebook page for your business. It is important to be active in all your social media accounts, building followers and posting content on a regular basis.

Buy Backlinks

You can also bring people to your site via other means. One such way is to buy links from other websites. As long as you do this in a manner that does not look spammy, then it will be impossible for the search engines to know that you have paid for the link.

Power Links

The most powerful type of backlink you can acquire, is an in-content link. So a link that is embedded in the content of a large article, using the anchor text matching your main keyphrase. Making sure that the article in question is posted on a niche relevant website that itself has a good backlink profile is essential.

Always make sure you diversify your link building strategy. It is important that the way you gain links looks natural, so try to gain as many links to your site by just using the URL or name of your business as the anchor text. Then when you go to buy a powerful in-content link, you can use your main keyword as the anchor text, and if the ratio for your main keyword in your link profile is low, then this will look very natural.

Where do you go to buy backlinks?

You can try to use outreach to bloggers and website owners in your niche. Email them and ask if they would be willing to allow you to guest post on their site in return for a small payment. Most bloggers will have a set price already established for what they charge for different things.

There are some paid directory listings, which can be a great help for SEO, especially for local results if the directory is local based.

Where to buy backlinks

You can also use a professional link building service like our own and employ experts to do this for you. If you are having an article written for you, or writing it yourself, then remember to create the article around your main keyphrase. Make it engaging to the user, add images to break up the text and keep the content interesting. And the article needs to be at least 500 words in length, but the longer the better.

Acquiring links from other sources

While buying links is an easy option, you should not rely on it as the only way that you acquire all your backlinks. It is important that you get links from a diverse array of places around the Internet.

As you start to get more regular traffic to your website, you will also find that by creating interesting and engaging content on your own website, that it will then naturally start to get shared and linked back to. So always use link buying as a supplement to your own organic link building strategy.

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