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How many backlinks do I need to rank on page 1 ?

There is just no right answer to this question I’m afraid. There are so many different factors involved and every website and every search phrase is different. A professionally built website with lots of unique content, can rank near the top with very few, if any, links for a keyphrase with little competition. However a poorly constructed site with more links in the same niche could rank lower.

How do I get to the first page of Google

So before you start building links back to your website, or in fact do any SEO work, make sure your website is technically sound. Your website should be build for mobile devices as well as desktop screens, so it looks good and is user friendly across the board. This is paramount today for any kind of optimization.

Keep your friends close ...

So links from places that have nothing to do with your business just don’t make sense. And the search engines can see this as well, and will not give much if any value for the link. They may even penalize you, so be careful where you go looking for links.

A link from a site in the same niche as yourself, that has a good backlink profile, is the place where you should be looking for a backlink.

Do you have suppliers for your business, maybe you can write a testimonial for them and ask that they link back to your site at the same time.

Au Naturale

The best type of backlink you can get, is one that looks, or indeed is, completely natural. So if the link fits in the content of the page, does not look like an advert, and is relevant to the surrounding content, then it is going to have some good SEO weight.

Contextual links are the easiest way to achieve this, so I find blog articles a good way forward here. If you can find a blogger in your niche who is willing to allow you to do a guest post, then great. Write a compelling article of at least 500 words, better to aim for over 1000 words. Write the entire article around your keyphrase and link back to your website from the first or second paragraph. This will give you a solid link that will push you up the results pages for your key phrase.

Sky Rocket Your Rankings

Go Social

When you finally get a good backlink, why not make the link more powerful. How? you ask. Use the power of social media to share your content, not only will this provide a link back to your article, it will allow others to view the content and may also bring relevant traffic to your website.

Don’t forget your images

If you have gone to the trouble or expense of create your own images or infographics for your blog post, then why not share these images as well. Post them to your social media accounts, and make them link back to your website as well. Remember to include a good ALT tag with each image for extra SEO value.

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