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Professional High Quality Backlinks Network for SEO

The idea behind this concept is quite simple – We are web developers. However we found it increasingly hard to locate anywhere to place Quality Backlinks for our client’s. So we decided it was time we created our own high quality, private and secure network. And as we have creating and promoting web tech with great success since 2002– We know exactly what we are doing. More so than most, as we have discovered through the years ….

So, enjoy this honest service. Use it for your own websites or for your clients. We are an Internationally Award Winning Team, with an excellent and honest reputation, and we are here at your disposal.

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SEO is so diverse and Vast ...

It’s like Gold Dust to so many. But the thing is, it’s really not rocket science. Yes, google changes & tweaks their algorithms with great secrecy. But there are experts in the field that follow these changes so closely, they actually keep google on their toes. So, anyone interested in honest SEO should be following these guys, (alongside other study). Rand, for example. More than once he has pointed out a discrepancy in googles search results – And as if by magic - Google does an emergency fix overnight!!! Thank you Mr Fishkin.

We find it exciting, watching our clients sore through the searches! Making sure they are found appropriately and accurately. And being the graphic designer in the team, I love that the landing page visuals are all part of SEO. A larger part than ever now being down to client usability. Ease of use – the site MUST be client orientated. Opening visuals must arrest, and then take the viewer smoothly but securely, almost hypnotically to the buy button.

The wonderful world of web development

I love my job !

I love excelling at it! I decided many moons ago that each and every client we take on will end up with a website that exceeds their expectations. I take the success of my client’s website personally! From desk top to mobile I Love that my designs are seen and used by so many people.

The statistics now are crazy

60% of all searches are done on a mobile device. So you better have a killer mobile design – Or app ! The logistics of getting all the relevant stuff into the real-estate of a mobile can be a tad, well, challenging. But fun. Always start with the viewers point of view. What do they need to see to make this site trustworthy and authorities, and then how easy can we make it for them to get to the buy button … so much of web visuals are subliminal. web design is fun however. To take a design and make it work seamlessly across all devices is just so gratifying. What I love the most is working on projects whose subject matter enthrals me. That way I am really passionate about the project. Luckily I have a wide range of interests!!!

On closing I will say thank you internet. Thank you for being a work place, a friend, and a fabulous educational place, and exceptional shopping experience … and all from right here at my very fingertips.


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