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Buying Links for SEO Value in 2017

Buying backlinks is still a valuable SEO tactic in 2017

The search engines are constantly updating the way they rank websites in their searches, and changing the methods they use to give, and take SEO value from a site. Backlinks however, are still one of the best ways to acheive high search results for your website, this will certainly be the case for 2017 and beyond. Google in particular, are cracking down on those who use spam techniques to manipulate link building, and are actually closing down link farms ever day. So now more than ever, it is important that your backlinks come from good sources that are relevant to you.

Backlinks are still very powerful

A well planned backlink strategy is very important for your SEO campaign. Linking to quality content on your own website from quality content on another website in the same niche, will sky rocket your own site in the search engines results.

When you build links to a page in this way, it is a clear indicator that the content of your page is of high value. So this content is what the search engines will want their users to find when searching the web.

Link Diversity

The backlinks to your website need to look natural and organic. So you should be looking to build links from a variety of different sources. And using a variety of different anchor text.

Naturally most links to your website will not be using the same keyword rich anchor text that you think you might want. Most of the links will be using your business name or website URL only. So, when you are building your own links you should follow this pattern too. Read more on why anchor text diversity is important here.

To help diversify your link profile you can set up your own social media profiles for your business and add your website URL to the profile details. Make sure you use these accounts and share content on a regular basis, then the backlink will become more valuable.

Join forums that you are knowledgeable about and again create a profile that includes a link to your website. Some forums allow you to create a signature that can be posted when you comment or ask something in the forum. So get involved helping others out and post content here to boost your link profile.

Find quality directories where you can list your business. Create unique profiles for each, including the URL of your site.

Then when you get the opportunity to create a link on a higher quality website, you can use your main keyphrase as the anchor text and get a big boost in the search results for this phrase.

Link Quality

A small amount of quality backlinks to your site is much preferred over lots of low quality links. So how do we determine the difference between a low-quality link and a high-quality link?

You will want your links to come from other websites that have content about the same or similar subject matter as your own site. Always make sure that these websites do not link out to too many other sites, and that the content of the pages is written well and not duplicated from elsewhere on the Internet.

A quality backlink will come from a site that has a good link profile of its own. This will pass on more link juice to your site. If your link is within a well written article that does not have many outgoing links, but does have links to other quality and authority websites, then this is a signal that the link to you is also a link to a quality resource. This is a very good signal to the search engines that will add more weight to the link and promote you higher for the search phrase associated with the anchor text of the link.

Link Building Over Time

Building your links over time is the best way to proceed with SEO. It looks more natural if your link profile is build over time. So do not go out and build lots of links in one month, and then do nothing for the next three months. Keep your link building looking natural and you will not run into any problems.

Sending You More Traffic

Apart from the SEO value of a good backlink pushing you up the search results. If the link is placed on a website that has its own quality traffic, then this link will also send you some traffic and potential customers from places that you would not normally reach through your own website. Even if you do not receive the traffic from your backlink, you are getting brand awareness for your business or product out there.


Building quality backlinks to your website is still one of the biggest ranking factors. It is vital now and will be in the future of any SEO campaign. Find the right people to do your link building for you, and always look for quality over quantity.

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