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Anchor Text Diversity - Why is it Important for SEO

The correct plan with your anchor text links can sky rocket your website in the search listing. But be careful as mistakes or misunderstanding can also end up in a penalty being given. So when acquiring links to your website learn from the below and diversify your backlink profile.

What is Anchor Text

Anchor text are the actual words written on a webpage that link back to your website. This is where you should diversify, and limit backlinks using your main keyphrase to only websites that have a high domain authority and trust, so the strength of the link is optimal.

Why is Anchor Text Important for SEO

The right anchor text in the links that point back to your website are an indicator to the search engines about the content of your page and its popularity. This in turn is one of the most important factors in ranking your site for your given keyphrase.

Types of Link Anchors

Brand Anchor Text:
25% of your backlinks should be your actual website URL or be using your brand name, eg. or “Good Example”. Build these types of links in as many places as you can MANUALLY add them. Social profiles are a good place to start adding this type of backlink, along with directories where you can list your business. Always list your business in local directories using your full address and phone number to help promote your website in local searches.

Exact Match or Partial Match Anchor Text:
This is the most powerful type of backlink that you can create. But this type of link should be kept to a low percentage of your overall backlink profile, as over optimization here can easily land you with a penalty. An exact match anchor text is exactly that, your main keyphrase on its own used for the link text. If you are keen on adding as many of these as you can, then you will be better off using partial match anchor texts, and diversifying the “partial” part as much as possible. These types of links look a lot more natural and so are much safer to use.

Image Anchors:
If you have some great images or infographics, then they can help with your link diversity. Images can be shared in all sorts of places, so can also bring you some traffic to your website and customers you would not normally reach.

Brand plus a keyword Anchor text:
Another good way to diversify your backlinks is to use your brand name along with your main keyphrase or a variant of it. For example, if your brand name was “John Smith” and you sold golf balls. Then your main keyphrase would probably be “buy golf balls”. So an anchor text with your brand and your keyword would be “buy golf balls from John Smith”. You can see how easy it is to make variants of this and spread your anchor text diversity.

Linking page relevance

The website that links back to your own website should be relevant to your own business or niche. The more relevance you have the stronger the backlink is going to be. Linking from websites that have nothing to do with your business does not look natural, and so the value of the link will be a lot lower.

The websites that link to you should be of a high standard themselves. So if they are linking out to lots of other websites that are not relevant to their own business or niche, then this is going to give them a lower domain trust overall and the strength of the link to you will be lower.

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