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What makes a backlink a quality link?

Before we get into the what qualities makeup a good backlink that will help push your site up the search listing. Let’s look at some of the strategies you should be aiming for when building up your link profile.

The links pointing to your site should not all be from the same source. They should not have the same anchor text, and should not all be to the same page on your website. So, when looking to build up your link profile, you should try to get links from as diverse range of domain names as possible.  And your anchor text should be diverse as well. A good link profile will have the majority of the anchor text using your business name or website URL. Save your main keyword rich anchor text links for the best quality backlinks you are after.

Your links should come from relevant topics. People in the same niche as you, and in content that is well written, and or course it must be unique. Your backlink should be placed on a webpage with at least 500 words of text content in the same language as your own website. We always create a minimum of 700 words of well written and interesting content when creating articles for our clients.

Your links should come from trusted sources. Sources that have their own link flow and authority.Check the site where you are going to place the link to make sure it is spam free.

Where to get quality links:

So where should you get your backlinks from?

A Trusted Source: The website that is linking back to you should have a high domain authority, with plenty of content and a good link profile itself.

In content: Your link should be within a quality article that is relevant to your niche. There should be relevant keyphrase wording around your link. The domain itself should be more or less solely focused on the same niche.

Anchor text: The anchor text should have part of the keyphrase, if not all, that you are trying to promote. But do not use the same anchor text for all of your links.

Good company: There should be a link or two to other high authority websites within the same article content as your link. This helps add more trust to your link.

Low number of OBL on page: There should not be too many outbound links on the same page as your link. More than 20 OBL’s can make a page look a little un-natural and will give less weight to your link.

Include images: Your article link should have 1 or 2 images embedded in the article. This helps the article look better to the user and has more chance of been syndicated. When adding an image to your blog post, adding ALT text to the image with your keywords in mind, will help add more power to the link and increase your ranking even more.

How to get quality links

One way to build your link profile is to buy quality backlinks from a trusted source. We offer manually written content specific to your niche and build the article around your keyphrase. We post the article to one of our relevant blogs, where your link will sit proudly on the home page.

All our blogs have a good domain authority and quality link profile, making them the perfect source to help you build your own authority and confidence to your website. All articles on all our blogs are naturally written and of good quality, there are no spam articles, these are real blogs that are fully active. And they are tended to by people who have a passion for the subject matter they are writing about.



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