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Measuring Your SEO Success with Free Tools

When we think of the success of an SEO campaign, we generally look at whether our chosen key words are ranking higher than they were previously. But the success of your search engine optimization should take into account if you are attracting more customers to your website, and at the end of the day, are you making more money?

So this data should be tracked and analysed to make sure things are going as planned.

  • Are you ranking well?
  • Are your keywords bringing in enough visitors?
  • Are your visitors converting into sales?

Keyword Planner

So yes, track your keyword position, you have to be on page 1 to get any kind of good traffic, but if you are at the top and you are still not getting any visitors, then you have to think about looking at alternative ranking phrases. Google Adwords has a free tool to help with this, their Keyword Planner - . This tool will give you alternatives to the phrases you are using and also show you a generalized view of how much traffic you can expect to be searching for these phrases.

A quick alternative to Google’s keyword planner is . This will give you alternative keywords and is free to use unless you want search volume as well. If you just want a really quick way to check alternative keywords then this tool is great, no need to signup or have an account, just type in a phrase, choose the search engine and language and you are off..

Keyword Tracking

My favourite position tracking tool at the moment is called Serposcope - . You can install this on your PC or even on your own server. Serposcope is free, open source software, and allows you to setup as many domains to track as you like. You can select keywords to track by location and device, very good for tracking keywords in mobile search in a particular location.  Serposcope keeps all your tracking history in a database so you can view your ranking history over time, in table views or graphs, and it even allows you to export your data to a csv file. You can set Serposcope to schedule jobs so it will automatically run a rank check for you.

SERP o SCOPE rank tracker

If its just one domain and a few keywords that you are tracking, then the free online version of Pro Rank Tracker is also very good - . Their website has a nice layout and is easy to use. It automatically tracks your keywords once per day and displays the info in various formats, giving you changes in the last 24 hours, 1 week and 1 month.


The best and free analytics program I have used has to be Google Analytics. I have tried quick a few others and none are as good at the end of the day. Google Analytics is easy to setup and you can find a lot of help in getting use to the system, either on Googles own website or just by searching online.

A good analytics program will show you how long people are staying on your website for and what pages they navigate to. So if you are bringing in lots of visitors but they do not get past your home page, then you know that you have to change the way your website works to make it more appealing to your potential clients.

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