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Finding links and citations to rank you for local search

Here are some easy solutions to finding local links and citations that will help you rank high in your local search results. Citations are a great way to build trust to your site, and are relatively easy to do. Your own website should have your company name, address and phone number listed, and it should match every citation list that you make.

What are citations

Citations are just other references to your business listed on a variety of other websites. These can be local directory sites or local blog sites, or other businesses in your area. There is no actual need to link back to your own website, but another link is always helpful....

Check any other place your business is listed and make sure your details match your website for name, address and telephone number. It is important as this builds up your overall trust as a local business in the eyes of the search engines.

Where to find local backlinks

If you are in the business of selling products or manufacturing something, then you can reach out to your local wholesalers and ask for a link. Maybe they have a local resources pages where your website would fit in perfectly.

Join local directories: Look for directories that manually check submissions as they are usually better resources. The reason being that there is less spam and more relevent content listed in a directory that is manually checked.

Google: Put your business on Google My Business -
Place your business with your local address here for added exposure to Google Maps and local search. Be sure to optimize your listing with unique content about your company and upload relevent images.

Bing: Put your business on Bing places for Business -
Just like Google this will help with local search in Bing maps and search.

Yelp: Site like and similar places are great to boost your local ranking as well. You can also search Google for other directories and local blogs where you can add your business listing.

News sites: Are you launching a new product or service? If so then get in touch with your local newspapers and ask if they want to write an article about you, newspapers are always looking for stories to fill their papers with!

Maybe even consider a press release if you have a notable story to publish. With every press release you can add your company name, address and telephone number, along with your website address if possible.

Give Testimonials: Ask your local suppliers if they would like a testimonial in return for a backlink. This is a great way to thank your business associates while building content and trust on their own websites, and the link back to you will help improve your local search rankings.

Local Forums: Contribute to local forums with quality content and answers. Build your forum profile with your business address etc and link back to your website.

Schema microdata

You can add microdata for your local business. Place this JSON content on your website where you have your business address and telephone number listed. This helps the search engines know your address and tie it in with all the other citations you have made.

Following these simple and easy to accomplish SEO steps, will give your website a significant boost in search results for localized key phrases. This can bring in very targetted traffic to your website.

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