Meet the people behind the curtain

SEO Quality Backlinks is led by a highly successful, and dynamic duo. Each having over 15 years professional web development, and successful search engine optimization experience. An internationally award wining team who love to live online.

Their Promise to You

Excellence in Search Engine Optimization, and Client Care.

With so many websites launched to great success, and happy clients world wide. There is no doubt that you will benefit significantly from the powerful link building expertise that SEO quality Backlinks offers. This is The Next Generation of Search Engine Optimization. Link building at its very best.

The combined knowledge of team leaders Leona and Warren, gives you over three decades of creating professional internet businesses, and high search engine rankings. They are client motivated and success driven. A masterful service to have at your back.


Leona Graham

Team Leader & Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Leona started her online career as a graphic designer. Showing a natural flare for client targeted, market appropriate design, she excelled at creating winning websites for clients around the globe.

Her creative talents don’t stop there however. Leona also has a wonderful way with words. And, as her executive skills soon took her to the Directors level, she now personally manages the wordsmith team members. Diligently casting her expert eye over each of the SEO rich articles before they are posted live.

A Word or two from Leona

The internet is my domain, its where I work, play and shop. I know most of you can relate to that, and probably have a similar lifestyle. It is in this vein that I hold my business, and clients in the highest regard. I expect excellence in the services I employ, and would not dream of offering my clients anything less. I take their, your, success personally. This is my work. My vocation. It is where I belong, and I Love it !

Leona’s Favourite Things

On personal note my favourite things include: My fiancé, my pets, my garden, romantic restaurants, jogging, Swiss chocolate, long bubble baths and Ella Fitzgerald …


Warren Boswell

Lead Developer & SEO Expert

Warren started in IT long before time began. Back In the days of DOS ! Throughout his many decades of professional experience, Warrens has honed outstanding Search Engine Optimization skills. His SEO knowledge and expertise is forefront in SEO quality Backlinks, and has him in high demand internet wide.

Warren can typically be found busy studying, and implementing the latest techniques in his field. Oh, and quite notably, he is an Internationally Award Winning App developer too!

A few Words from Warren

I find it very exciting watching a project go from its fresh and humble beginnings, to having great success, with highly targeted traffic. Seeing those users turn into new clients is what its all about.

SEO is not a mysterious art. It's a vocation that you are always learning about. As the search engines improve their ranking ability, so do we have to keep researching the best ways to promote websites. It's a fun business to be in, and one that I enjoy immensely.

Warren’s Favourite Things

Warrens favourite things include: Silence in which to work ! His lovely lady, his field Spaniel, Fine dining, and when appropriate - a respectable glass of Shiraz.